What to match a cloud ceiling light with to decorate your baby’s room?

Would you like to give your little one’s bedroom a little more flair? Installing a cloud ceiling light remains a very wise choice. But do you have what it takes to tune it? If not, this guide will be of great help.

Precautions to take before adding a cloud ceiling light to your baby’s room

These are the precautions that an electrician must always take before an electrical installation. If you’re determined to do the job yourself, it’s important to respect them. Indeed, the risks are too great to neglect caution. Before touching even one wire, you must first disconnect the power supply from the source. The slightest misstep could result in electrocution, and it would be a shame if that happened. On the other hand, check out your home’s electrical installation system. This helps you better understand what you have to do. This won’t be necessary if you call in a professional electrician. Note that even if the power supply is switched off, always wear protective gloves when working on electrical circuits.

The right type of LED cloud ceiling light for a baby’s room

Have you already made your choice? If this is not the case, consider the following conditions for more comfortable use. On the market, you can find cloud ceiling lights in different sizes and models. For a baby’s room, size doesn’t really matter.

However, lighting should be as appropriate as possible. A baby’s eyes are still fragile, so lighting should be softer and less intense. Choose a warm white color temperature with medium light intensity. What’s more, the most important thing is the decor. Lighting isn’t much use to a baby. A cloud ceiling light is even a better choice. On the one hand, you’ll always have the main light.

What to match a cloud ceiling light with to decorate your baby's room? Luminaire 14473 qcgmdw

The materials and tools needed to tune a cloud ceiling light

To work better, it’s best to be well equipped. Gather all the necessary tools and materials before you start. So you won’t have to go back and forth during installation. Tuning a cloud ceiling light is not so different from tuning other ceiling lights. All you have to do is respect the basics. To do this, you will need the following materials:

● a pencil,

● a tape measure,

● a drill,

● a screwdriver,

● screws and plugs,

● a drill with the same diameter as the dowel,

● a wire stripper,

● a stepladder,

● a DCL (light connection device) box if you want to avoid dowels.

These are the basic materials you will need to tune a ceiling light

You have two choices regarding the technique used. It depends on the ceiling height. One technique involves suspending the ceiling light, while the other involves fixing it directly to the ceiling. For the first solution, you position the pitons and mark the anchoring holes with a pencil. Next, drill the holes before inserting the dowels.

You can avoid this step by using a DCL box. Then screw the hook into the pegs. Usually, the power source is already in place, so all you need to do is connect them to the ceiling light wires. You can test the electrical circuit with a voltmeter before connecting the wires. Then strip the wires to a length of 1 cm.

Connect them according to the color code, using a domino or quick connector. Make sure you adjust the cable to the correct length. Keep the suspension cable cover free of wires. Now secure the cable cover with the screws. Your cloud ceiling light is ready for testing.

For the second option, if the ceiling height is too low for suspension, you can attach the ceiling light directly to the ceiling. For this, you need to opt for a direct cloud ceiling light. This one uses a different fastening system.

The luminaire cover can be easily removed. First, use the base to mark the anchoring points with a pencil. Drill the holes and immediately secure the bracket with screws. To connect the wires, follow the same procedure as for the previous method. Then replace the shell. All you have to do is turn the power back on and you’re done.