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It all depends on the interior’s preferred style, its size and the effects we want to achieve. The diversity of Plafonniers Design lamps in terms of shapes and materials opens up almost limitless possibilities for arranging and shaping the atmosphere in the room. The optical magnification effect is achieved by reaching out to bright, diffuse light sources – thanks to them, we can illuminate every nook and cranny of the space. Then, concentrated, delicate light creates a warm, intimate atmosphere in the home.

We pay particular attention to all the most popular trends. That’s why our range includes ultra-trendy lamps in industrial style. This type of lighting is characterized above all by its functionality and simple design. Industrial and loft lamps are most often black, which is the main color of these two trends. However, you can make the interior brighter by choosing white lighting.

Modern lamps are not all you can find here! For those who prefer more traditional shapes, we’ve put together a classic lighting package. These include lamps with shades and chandeliers. They’re a perfect match not only for classic interiors, but also for Scandinavian and Bohemian ones.

Choosing the right lighting is essential for creating harmony in your home, creating a sense of coherence between decoration and furnishings. Nevertheless, to achieve such an effect, you need to think carefully about the choice of lighting for your home. When it comes to proposals, Plafonniers Design has innumerable options, because suspension fixtures in particular allow the designer and manufacturer to really shine. This question needs to be addressed in the context of the atmosphere of the room and the effect we want to achieve.

Overheadlighting is by far the most important of all types. First of all, it fulfills a utilitarian function, as it is generally responsible for lighting the entire room. By choosing the ceiling lights available, you can be sure that they will also be the perfect decoration. Solid construction and modern design are its hallmarks.

It’s not enough to define how we like our designer suspension fixture: it has to fit the interior in terms of style and size. More importantly, it must be hung in the right way. A suspension system installed too high or too low, because it occupies an empty space, influences its overall perspective.

Ceiling lights are distinguished primarily by the way they are suspended. They are frequently mounted flat on the ceiling or wall. This type of light seems much more subtle than a classic chandelier. An excellent choice for corridor lighting.

Looking for a modern pendant light? Be sure to check out our range of designer lamps at Plafonniers Design. A wide range of styles lets you choose a solution that matches your interior design. Grey, black, or maybe glass? Sophisticated shapes and an ingenious finish will bring a magical atmosphere to your home or apartment.

These types of lamps for the home are also among the most popular. We choose them above all for their broad application and functionality. They’re perfect as an alternative to a chandelier. You can hang them in the center of the living room, bedroom or other room.

However, Plafonniers Design pendant lamps are also an excellent solution if you wish to illuminate a selected part of the space. For this type of lighting , you can hang it over a dining room table or kitchen island. It introduces a unique atmosphere into the room thanks to the light diffused decoratively downwards, while giving off a large amount of light. To make the arrangement even more attractive, you can add a second or third identical model – at the same or a different height.

Take a look at our Plafonniers Design product catalog and see how easy it is to find designer lamps for your home. Discover our wide range of modern pendant luminaires. The range includes a wide selection of elegant, designer lamps for your home.

The interior must reflect the taste and lifestyle of the residents. More and more people are opting for the Scandinavian style, based on natural materials and colors. It is dominated by grey, white and black accents. It is characterized by true, timeless elegance and originality – indeed, this is the essence of taste. As a result, a ceiling light in such a location must be distinguished by sophisticated simplicity. The Scandinavian style is mainly divided into two fractions – the Gustavian era and folk publishing.

When it comes to the old, that is, the aesthetics of high tradition, classicism translates into reduced decoration and a love of neutral colors and wood. The pendant lamp is perfect for an apartment like this. This model from Plafonniers Design is characterized by simplicity and minimalism, but does not renounce sophisticated form. Elegance and taste go hand in hand with quality craftsmanship, thanks to which it fulfills the functions of a timeless and light decoration.

On the other hand, in the folk style that is becoming increasingly popular, it is more important to refer to nature and the reality around us. Therefore, it’s worth focusing on an iconic design and choosing the Scandinavian pendant lamp. It reflects the fascination that has accompanied mankind since the dawn of time, and at the same time contains a humanistic art form. The Scandinavian suspension lamp is one of the light sculptures – works of art that have become a permanent part of design history.

The luminaires and ceiling lights available from Plafonniers Design are the best decorative solutions for giving a professional look to various light sources. We offer a variety of materials, shapes and colors that can be freely adapted to your own requirements and preferences.

Every product in our Plafonniers Design store is distinguished by high functionality, efficiency and, at the same time, the highest quality materials that will retain their unique properties and aesthetics for a long time to come.

We invite you to choose our ceiling lights inspired by original models by famous designers. Thanks to these unique elements, a complete metamorphosis of any interior is possible.


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