How to choose a vintage glass ceiling light? Luminaire plafonnier en verre vintage

How to choose a vintage glass ceiling light?

Would you like a new way to light your apartment? Ceiling lights are among the most popular lighting fixtures on the market. There are several types of lighting, such as incandescent lamps, LED lamps and halogen lamps. But how do you choose the right vintage glass ceiling light? In this article, to find out all the criteria for choosing a good ceiling light, discover its advantages and the difference between a chandelier and a suspension light.

Ceiling light: what are its advantages?

For interior lighting, the use of a ceiling light remains a legitimate and correct gesture. The latter offers many advantages.

Designer lamp

The modernity of ceiling lights is defined by the combination of light and technology. LED ceiling lights have dominated the market recently, thanks to their considerable energy savings. It’s worth knowing that an LED lamp consumes 6 times less energy than an incandescent lamp (compact fluorescent and halogen). As for its innovation, home automation or ceiling light automation is more practical, as you can turn it on and off remotely.

Mixed device

As far as interior lighting is concerned, ceiling fixtures can be easily adapted to any room, whatever its size. Whether for a kitchen, living room or bathroom, it has a wide range of models to choose from, including vintage.

When it comes to bathroom ceiling lights, you’ll need to check that the lamps are moisture-resistant before making your purchase. You’ll also find models suitable for lighting certain areas of the home, such as corridors, entrances and stairwells.

Wide light

The ceiling luminaire is classified as a powerful light fixture. These lamps can diffuse an even light throughout your room. However, positioning must be carefully considered to obtain optimum light. Unlike wall sconces, a single ceiling light can be enough to illuminate your kitchen, living room, etc.


Most of the time, some people neglect ceiling decoration. As for installation, it takes up very little space and requires no hanging wire. Its maximum height does not exceed 40 cm, while the traditional ceiling measures around 20 cm. All you have to do is choose the right lamp for your premises.

Chandeliers and hanging lamps

Chandeliers and hanging lamps

First of all, let’s remember that chandeliers and hanging lights are two different types of lighting. Sometimes, it’s true, the two devices merge to create a suspension chandelier. But to differentiate them, let’s discover their characteristics together!

The chandelier

Chandelier architecture has a complex framework, centered on a single point. The luminaire contains arms suspended by a column.
Here are some of the advantages of using it:

  • very decorative and shiny ;
  • easy to install, especially if the ceiling has a hook;
  • majestic ;
  • adjustable height ;
  • lampshades can be installed.

Here are its drawbacks:

  • takes up a lot of space, so it’s a lamp designed for a living room or large bedroom;
  • requires a lot of hard work.

The suspension

The suspension is suspended, as the name suggests. It has an underwire at the end of the wire. It is often found in public places, such as restaurants or bars, taking the form of a bowl.
The advantages of its use are as follows:

  • very affordable price ;
  • adjustable height ;
  • easy to install ;
  • has a wide variety of models;
  • changeable light source.

Here are its drawbacks:

  • to create an original decoration, you need to use several hangers;
  • features a common design.
Ceiling light styles and models

Ceiling light styles and models

Just like other types of lamps, ceiling fixtures come in a wide range of styles and models. There are 3 main types: designer ceiling lights, vintage ceiling lights and industrial ceiling lights. In any case, we recommend opting for a ceiling light with an LED lamp.

Industrial metal ceiling light

This type of metal ceiling light is both chic and glamorous. Its design takes the form of a transparent glass bell. Just like the vintage shape, you can modify its bulb to suit your comfort. It’s part of the mixed ceiling range, meaning that the industrial metal ceiling can be used in a living room or bedroom.

What’s more, you can choose between various types of LED bulbs to consume less energy and provide ambient brightness. For certain rooms, such as the living room, kitchen and bedroom, it’s best to use “warm white” light. As for the kitchen or bathroom, opt for “neutral white”!

Modern square-shaped ceiling light

This type of ceiling light uses black and gold colors, giving it a discreet, homogeneous luxury. It takes the form of a square and can have several styles. Its light source focuses from three angles simultaneously.

A modern ceiling light has a metal base and acrylic body. The lamp body is colored by a high-temperature paint, and shaped by a soft silica gel. Its color illuminates with a cool white light, which is beneficial in terms of lighting.

Ceiling light with fan

The ceiling light with fan gives you 2 pieces of equipment in 1. To keep energy consumption to a minimum, it has been awarded the A+ energy rating. The fan is already included in the purchase price, and the lamps come in 3 different colors. You can choose between winter and summer modes.

Tips for choosing a vintage glass ceiling light

Tips and advice for choosing a good vintage glass ceiling light

To choose the right vintage glass ceiling fixture, there are several elements to consider. As with any ordinary ceiling light, there are two basic criteria to consider: the type of light and the size of the room to be lit.

Light type

The first thing to know when choosing a ceiling light is its type of illumination. In general, there are two varieties: halogen and incandescent. The incandescent type is ideal for passageways, such as corridors, because it lights up quickly. For the living room or dining room, you can opt for a halogen ceiling lamp, which will provide even light throughout the room. And as mentioned above, energy-saving bulbs and LEDs are increasingly appearing on the market, and most people are rushing to use them.

Part size

When choosing a lighting fixture, the second element is the size of your room, whether you opt for a vintage or modern model. In fact, the size of the room must match that of the ceiling light. For example, ceiling lights smaller than 30 cm in diameter are ideal for lighting small rooms. On the other hand, for larger rooms, such as living rooms and kitchens, you should opt for XXL ceiling lights.

  • For a room with a surface area of 10 to 12 m², it is suitable for a 40 to 45 cm luminaire.
  • For a room of between 15 m² and 20 m², this area corresponds to a 45 to 50 cm luminaire.

In conclusion, you have all the tips you need to know how to brighten up your interior, whatever your style: industrial, urban or vintage. So you can choose the brightness you need for a ceiling light.