How do you place and fix a cloud wall lamp in your baby’s room?

Some light fittings are real mood setters when it comes to decorating a nursery. Such is the case with a cloud-shaped wall sconce. The perfect nightlight for a child’s bedroom. This cloud wall light brings a touch of poetry to any room. You still need to know how to place a cloud wall lamp in your baby’s room.

Place the cloud wall light behind the bed

If the lamp is intended to brighten the room, it’s best placed behind the bed. A beautiful headboard accompanied by a cloud wall light transforms the whole bedroom. It’s equally at home in a boy’s or a girl’s bedroom. These fixtures should be strategically placed, as they are decorative elements in their own right. In fact, they often set the style of the room and have a significant impact.

Placed behind the crib, the cloud wall light will act as a stylish night light in the baby’s room. It is usually mounted on a wall bracket. In a child’s bedroom, it can be fixed between 1 and 1.20 m high and at the head of the bed. As well as contributing to the wall decoration of your baby’s room, this luminaire replaces bedside lamps. The IKEA white cloud LED wall light for children ‘s rooms provides soft, comfortable light. It’s perfect for relaxing, and also makes a fun wall-mounted children’s room decoration.

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Place the cloud wall lamp in a play area or reading corner

Wall sconces can be the only lighting solution in a child’s bedroom. Or it can be used to complement another light source. The cloud wall lamp provides bright lighting for the play corner. The same goes for the reading corner, but with subdued lighting. Consider installing a dimmer switch to vary lighting intensity according to the time of day.

It’s a way to bring a touch of poetry and lightness to your child’s bedroom. This will make the reading and play corner her favorite place. Choose a suitable spot on the wall for the cloud sconce, marking its location. Next, attach the wall bracket to the sconce. To do this, drill the necessary holes in the wall and fit the appropriate wall plugs. Now attach the wall bracket using a screwdriver.

You can choose styles and colors that harmonize perfectly with the room’s decor.

Decorate a wall with a cloud wall lamp

You can also combine your cloud wall sconce with other motifs such as stars or a half-moon. It’s also a good idea to create chain clouds by placing the cloud-shaped sconce in the center. Combine them for a playful and magical decoration. Create a unique decoration on a wall in your baby’s room. In fact, a real corner of the sky recreated on the wall creates an atmosphere of reverie and calm.

It’s easy to decorate a baby’s room with the different styles and shades of cloud wall sconces. You can choose between :

●une applique 3D bois mural enfant,

●a blue or pink cloud children’s wall sconce,

●a modern LED cloud wall light,

●a minimalist cloud wall light for bedside,

● a cloud wall light in smiley mode, etc.

You can also include your cloud light as part of a wall decoration, between a picture and a toise, for example.

Cloud wall light above bedside table

The cloud wall sconce is also ideal above the bedside table. The softness of the LED light and the cloud will accompany your child throughout the night. The sconce is generally installed 1.80 m above the floor, for a typical ceiling height of 2.40 to 2.50 m. The idea is to avoid any risk of glare or blindness. The child’s safety must come first. You need to choose the right lamp for your little one.

For placement above a bedside table, we recommend placing them at shoulder height. This makes it easy to switch on and off from the bed. As well as being practical, the cloud wall sconce makes an original decoration for your child’s bedroom. She seems to be levitating, suspended in mid-air. It’s perfect as a nursery decoration or as a nightlight for children of all ages.