Black spotlight: the chic fixture for industrial decor Luminaire A1

Black spotlight: the chic fixture for industrial decor

Industrial decor is as appealing for its originality as for its timelessness. It blends modern and vintage touches. To make it a success, we opt for antique furniture, iron ornaments and large lighting fixtures. In fact, today’s spot ceiling models were designed for industrial decor.

Chic light fittings designed for industrial decor

Ceiling lights are characteristic of industrial decor. In fact, in those days, workshops and factories were full of them. Now they’re back in the spotlight. Decorators and interior designers integrate them into industrial design to stay true to this concept. The result is a unique yet modern decor.

What’s more, they’ve been reinvented. The overall shape, the bulb size, the type of light… everything has been redesigned to further modernize the industrial style. It’s no longer just a source of light, but also an ornament. Black spot ceiling lights are therefore one of the best-designed models, perfect representatives of industrial decor.

Black spot ceiling lights to support the industrial concept of the décor

Black spot ceiling lights meet all the “industrial” criteria, as well as being contemporary. Their shape tells the story of the workers of the Industrial Revolution. Their characteristics also bear this out. The appearance is a little vintage, but the industrial spirit is recognized by the rounded, concave or triangular edges. You still havea black iron or steellamp.

What also changes is thebulb. Sometimes it’s made of glass with a beautiful yellow light. Other times, it’s plastic and you get a white LED light. In all cases, the ceiling light produces the same design as that of an old industrial factory. The perfect finishing touch to your interior decor! If your walls are red brick and your furniture is leather, for example, the visual effect will be top-notch.

Models to choose from

So what type of ceiling spotlight should you choose? There are hundreds of black spot-type industrial ceiling lights on the market. It all depends on your tastes. Some people like rectangular shapes, for example. Others think round ceiling lights are the prettiest. Some prefer more atypical configurations. They want to showcase their artistic side. It’s up to you!

How many black spot ceiling lights should I buy? Three or four. It’s best to opt for identical models, as their sizes need to match. You can further diversify the shape of ceiling lights for each area of the house. To make a success of your industrial decor, simply place them in sets of three or four, depending on the space. And don’t forget, color contrast is essential.

Perfecting your industrial decor

In addition to the color emitted by the lamps, you should also pay attention to the materials used for the overall décor. This style also involves the installation of a large number of industrial lamps. And what could be more representative than black spotlights?

With your black spot ceiling lights, then, you should emphasize the manufacturing side of industrial decor. Otherwise, the most characteristic materials of the industrial period are leather and velvet for upholstery. Linen and furs are also recommended.

Highlighting industrial decor with ceiling lights

To achieve an aesthetic effect with an industrial lamp, you need to illuminate a work surface. In the past, the original purpose was to provide sufficient light for the workers. You should take up this idea. A black ceiling spotlight will bring light to part of the room. That’s why it’s referred to as optimized interior lighting. So where to put them?

People often use black spotlights:

● above the kitchen,

● facing the dining table,

● on the bar,

● in the entrance hall,

● in a relaxation area,

● on the terrace…

It’s very rare to see them in the living room. But this is possible with spot models. Simply integrate them into the Gypsum plasterboard. They can be fixed directly to the ceiling. It should be aligned with the coffee table to create a beautiful visual across the entire living area.