What type of ceiling light should you choose for a hallway? Luminaire

What type of ceiling light should you choose for a hallway?

As the corridor is a functional space, dedicated to coming and going, the quality of its lighting must not be overlooked. In this space, even, uniform lighting is essential. Opt for decoration that matches your taste and interior style.

Ceiling lights: the ideal fixtures for narrow, slender colors

On the market, ceiling lights are available in many geometric shapes. To light your hallway, you’ll have no trouble choosing the right style of luminaire. If you want to light a long corridor, opt for identical models and keep to a spacing of 2 to 3 meters in a long room.

When it comes to choosing ceiling fixture colors, opt for colors that contrast with those of your walls. If your walls are light in color, opt for dark ceiling lights with a sober style. With white walls, for example, select gray, black or gold ceiling lights.

If you have a more traditional decor, or a clean, Nordic style, choose ceiling lights with a classic design. For a more personalized interior, opt for colorful models with shapes to suit your tastes.

Layout of ceiling lights

In a corridor, it’s not advisable to install a single light point. When this space isn’t well lit, it creates a sinister atmosphere and shadowy areas. Choose a uniform, glare-free lighting style. Make sure the model you’ve selected matches the architecture of the premises.

If you have a long, narrow corridor, you can place sconces on just one side of the wall. If you’re dealing with a wide corridor, alternate sconces on either side of the wall. By opting for this style of decoration, you’ll give the impression of extending the space, without the light fixtures getting in the way. If you’re looking for quality lighting fixtures, you’ll find a wide selection of ceiling lights on our site.

Choosing the right size for the space

The size of the ceiling light must be in harmony with the size of the space to be lit. To provide a good level of lighting in the hallway, opt for a ceiling light with a diameter of less than 30 cm. If you choose a model that’s too imposing, you run the risk of embarking on an unconventional decorating scheme. You won’t necessarily like the way it looks.

The ceiling light projecting daylight

Choose “daylight” lamps. This type of light is reminiscent of the daylight you see through your window. This light has a blue hue, reminiscent of the color of the sky. It generally corresponds to 6000 kelvin or more. Below this threshold, the diffused light will have a rather yellow-orange hue.

The “natural light bulb” should not be confused with the “full-spectrum bulb”. It is capable of reproducing a light close to that of the sun at midday on a summer’s day.

Mixed lighting: for an original hallway look

Don’t like monotony? To liven up your interior, install functional and decorative lighting. All along the corridor, for example, you can place recessed LEDs at the bottom of the walls or on the floor. This system will allow you to mark out the path in addition to the ceiling light. This will come in really handy when you’re out and about in the corridor at night. Ceiling lights are suitable for all areas of the home. Ceiling lights are available to suit all tastes and colors. Stores offer different styles and models.

An original luminaire offering good value for money

The ceiling light is available at an affordable price. For around fifty euros, you can get a designer light. You’ll be able to brighten up your hallway at an affordable price. In the home, more and more people are swapping plastic hanging lamps for ceiling lights. The latter are more original and add a touch of authenticity to your interior. They add a pleasant atmosphere

Choosing a ceiling light for your hallway offers many advantages: it :

  • Is both ecological and practical
  • Adds a touch of authenticity and originality to the interior