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How to choose the ideal kitchen ceiling light for your space?

A kitchen’s decor and layout have as much influence on the quality of the meals prepared as the ingredients used. They allow you to spend more time in the kitchen and enjoy it more. Lighting plays an important role in the design of your kitchen. Good lighting creates a unique atmosphere and allows you to be more creative when cooking. When we talk about kitchen lighting, we’re inevitably talking about the ceiling-mounted kitchen light. It brings a delightful source of light into the room. However, it’s not easy to know exactly how to choose the right ceiling light for your kitchen. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to help you make the right choice.

There are several styles of kitchen ceiling light, each with its own advantages for lighting your kitchen. Designer suspension fixtures, for example, are popular for their affordability, quality and, above all, ease of installation. The choice of a good kitchen ceiling light is not limited to these three criteria. The size, color and material of the fixture must also be taken into account.

In this article, we will shed some light on :

  • The different kitchen styles and their advantages
  • Current trends in kitchen ceiling lights
  • Essential criteria for choosing a good kitchen ceiling light

It’s time to dazzle your kitchen in the most beautiful of ways

The different styles of kitchen ceiling light and their advantages

To transform your kitchen into a beautiful place that inspires the most beautiful preparations possible, there are many styles and types of kitchen ceiling lights. Each stands out for the atmosphere it creates. These include designer suspensions, industrial-style suspensions, vintage suspensions and wooden suspensions.

The best known is undoubtedly the designer suspension. The designer pendant is a style of pendant lighting that combines efficient, uniform illumination with an excellent decorative effect. The designer kitchen ceiling light is one of the most affordable in terms of price. The quality is excellent and it’s easy to install.

Industrial-style suspension or industrial kitchen ceilings combine metal ceiling fixtures with geometric shapes. This creates lighting with no shadows and an industrial look. This style is renowned for creating a unique ambience in the kitchen.

The vintage-style pendant or kitchen ceiling light is characterized by the perfect marriage it creates between simplicity and originality. This style allows you to create a variety of shapes from different colors and materials.

At the same time, the kitchen pendant or wood design ceiling light brings a sense of simplicity. It creates a natural ambience that goes hand in hand with sustainability and the idea of ecology. There are also other styles of kitchen ceiling light, such as bohemian, ethnic, minimalist, modern and Scandinavian.

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Current trends in kitchen ceiling lights

Current trends in kitchen lighting all revolve around three types of lighting: chandeliers, ceiling lights and pendant lights. When it comes specifically to kitchen ceiling lights, the trend is towards suspended luminaires and LEDs. Suspended LED ceiling lights, for example, are very much in vogue at the moment. It combines the advantages of LED technology with those of suspension. Less energy-consuming than conventional lighting fixtures, they also create a beautiful ambience in your kitchen.


Another trend in kitchen ceiling lights is the suspended LED strip. It owes its success to its ability to adapt to any décor, while consuming very little electricity. In the same style, the kitchen ceiling spot or interior LED spot adapts to any decor. Durable and high-performance, it provides good overhead lighting and bathes your kitchen in a charming ambience. They come in all shapes and colors, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

LED ceiling lights are also very popular. Its comfortable, even light has made it a must-have fixture that diffuses a soft glow. Its durability and low energy consumption are also major factors in its success. Recently, another trend has emerged: motion-sensor or connected lighting. You can then opt for a sensor ceiling light with intelligent motion detection technology. You can also opt for a connected LED spotlight with Wifi or Bluetooth connection technology.

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The essential criteria for choosing the right kitchen ceiling light for your space, plus a few maintenance tips.

There are a number of criteria to take into account when choosing the right kitchen ceiling light. The first is undoubtedly size. It may seem inconceivable that size is the first thing to consider when choosing the right kitchen ceiling light. However, for the accessory to play its role perfectly, its size must match that of the kitchen in which it is to be installed. That’s why we offer a wide range of sizes, so you can find the one that’s right for you.

In addition to the size of the kitchen ceiling light, you need to take into account the material from which it is made. This criterion allows you to choose fixtures that are made from the same material as the items in your kitchen. For example, a wooden kitchen ceiling light will be more suited to a kitchen that is already immersed in a natural ambience than a metal one. Your choice may also be motivated by the style you wish to introduce into your home. Materials such as glass, plastic or steel can add modern charm.

Color is another criterion for choosing a kitchen ceiling light. Although its design can be adapted to any decor, it’s important to choose the right color. Simply take into account the color of your furniture to create an attractive color combination. You also need to consider luminaire maintenance. It must be easy to maintain. Maintenance is usually as simple as wiping with a cloth to get rid of the dust.


Conclusion about the kitchen ceiling light, its different styles and the criteria to consider for an excellent choice

The kitchen ceiling light is a must-have for creating a very special atmosphere in your kitchen. You can create your own style by opting for specific types of kitchen ceiling light. Your choice can take into account the size of your kitchen and the color of your existing decor. Other criteria to take into account include the material, durability and maintenance of the accessory. By taking the information in this article into account, and exploring the various options, you’ll find the ideal kitchen ceiling light for your space.