How to choose a cloud-shaped luminaire?

A cloud-shaped luminaire is most often found in a child’s bedroom. It’s not just a simple nightlight for children, it also contributes to the decoration of their room. Cloud lamps add a touch of lightness to your interior design. When choosing a cloud luminaire, there are several criteria to consider

Safety in mind

If the cloud luminaire is intended for a child’s bedroom, safety is important at every level. The first criterion to consider when choosing a cloud-shaped luminaire is therefore safety. Start by checking that your electrical wiring is up to standard, and that you’re equipped with a childproof socket. As for cloud lighting, opt for a lamp that complies with European safety standards.

In this case, avoid models where you can easily touch the bulb. Likewise, make sure that electrical wires do not drag along the floor. Your child may be tempted to pull them, or even cling to them. We therefore recommend avoiding classic cloud-shaped lamps. These are ideal for a living room or adult bedroom. They are unsuitable for a child’s bedroom.

Likewise, brittle materials and exposed wires have no place in your little one’s bedroom. That’s why a designer pendant or wall light in the shape of a cloud is more appropriate. Ikea’s LED cloud chandelier is also an excellent choice. Children love the playful design and soft light of this cloud-shaped luminaire.

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Consider the lighting in the nursery

It’s important to take the time to think about the lighting in your child’s bedroom. Obviously, the role of the cloud luminaire is primarily utilitarian. If well-chosen, it also brings comfort and soothing to the baby. Children need more light than adults. The average illuminance required in a baby’s room is around 450 lumens per m². Too little or too much light can lead to fatigue and premature eye strain.

In addition, thanks to its design, the cloud luminaire can also be decorative and playful, while awakening the child. For these reasons, we recommend choosing a cloud-shaped luminaire with soft lighting. In fact, it’s vital that children don’t feel attacked by a source of light that’s too bright. Avoid halogens and lights that are too white.

Look for cloud-shaped fixtures with low-wattage bulbs. They diffuse a warm, soft, gradual light to create a subdued, reassuring atmosphere for the child. You can adapt them to your baby’s age. Whether floor lamp, chandelier, garland or nightlight, choose a cloud light in harmony with your child’s world.

The cloud-shaped luminaire

Luminaires come in many different types. Of course, a variety of models are available on the cloud lighting market, including :

  • The cloud chandelier: this is a cloud luminaire suspended from the ceiling. It’s often one of the main lights in a child’s bedroom. It’s a real decorative asset. The chandelier does not necessarily diffuse a strong light, but it is very focused. It can be switched on. This type of luminaire can also be used in other rooms, such as the living room, dining room, etc.
  • The cloud floor lamp: placed on the floor and raised by a long stem, this luminaire spreads light throughout the room. Always opt for a low-wattage bulb for light, soft lighting.
  • The cloud wall light: the perfect choice for children’s bedrooms. As well as being practical, a cloud-shaped wall light brings a touch of poetry to the room. You can place it above the bed, in a play corner or a reading corner.
  • Cloud bedside lamp: An essential accessory for reading bedtime stories. However, during baby’s first months, its usefulness is limited. But it can still be used as a decorative accessory, in the meantime, to embellish a bedside table.